Thursday, January 29, 2009

FREE Stuff! :)

This week has been fantastic! I feel like my to-do list is never ending, but I'm loving life nonetheless. :) Yesterday Emily and I set up a table under the bell tower with all sorts of fun things. We had a drawing where we gave out beenies, t-shirts, and hats. Plus the usual information about USU programs offered here in Ephraim, and applications for ambassador positions. To top it all off we gave out amazing Aggie ice cream and some delightful hot chocolate.

It was way cold, but I had a lot of fun. We decided to let people choose between hot coco and ice cream and I was shocked at how many people turned us down when we tried to give them free hot chocolate... HELLO PEOPLE! FREE HOT CHOCOLATE ON A COLD DAY! Some people are just crazy I guess! The ice cream went way fast, just like it always does....but we were sitting out there for a couple of hours before all the hot chocolate was gone! My feet were so cold, and I got done just in time to run to my early childhood lab. I wish I would have had a camera handy to take pictures! :(

Ayways, that's all for today. Have a great week everyone! :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009


This is probably going to be a quick post because I don't have much time tonight. I would like to take a minute to tell all of you a little story...

Earlier today I was really frustrated because the printers in the writing lab AND the library all hated me. I was trying to print off a few papers for over an hour without success. I'm not going to lie, it was WAY annoying! So I was grumpy. I went to class feeling really gloomy because I didn't have the papers I needed, and I hadn't even had time to eat dinner. GRRRRR!

Tonight in my family crisis and interventions class we learned a little bit about optimism. It was kind of funny because I wasn't really in the mood to talk about being happy! But as class progressed I slowly started to cheer up. I left feeling great, and motivated to be a more optimistic person. :) One of the slides talked about positive reinforcement. The ratio is ten positives to one negative... So, rather than dwelling on the stupid printers, I decided to think of some of the positive things in my life. Here goes...
  • I am still caught up in my reading.
  • I am understanding all of my classes.
  • My homework for today is done.
  • I'm wearing warm up pants and a t-shirt right now.
  • My bedroom is clean.
  • I had some delightful penny candy during class.
  • I have really fun socks.
  • I got my oil changed in my minivan today.
  • I got out of class early tonight.
  • AND I have some delicious ice cream in my freezer!
That's all for tonight. Peace out everyone! :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

No Time To Breathe!

Holy smokes! I have been so busy the last couple of weeks that I barely have time to breathe. Time is flying by so fast! My classes are all going really well, and being in class from 5:15-10:30 tonight wasn't even terrible. I am proud to announce that I am currently caught up in every one of my classes, including the reading. I'm usually not that on top of everything, especially my online classes! :) So, I feel pretty proud right now, and I would appreciate it if you would smile for me. Go ahead, smile! And now that you've smiled, you can click on the box under the comment link letting me know that this post made you smile. ;)

School isn't the only thing that has kept me busy though. I have been doing a lot of homework, but I've also been organizing my life, working, doing ambassador stuff, learning to cope with a new roommate, cleaning my apartment for cleaning checks, and the list goes on and on! :) On top of everything else, on Monday when I was leaving work I received a voicemail from my mom informing me that my Uncle Chad passed away. He was my great-uncle, and it didn't come as a shock to me, but it was still sad. I'm mostly worried about my Nana because she is having a really hard time with the whole thing. :(

I am leading the music at the service on Saturday, and my dad is giving a talk. I was talking to my dad and he asked me what I thought of when I thought of my Uncle Chad...and I immediately thought of two dollar bills! That might sound a little bit strange, but let me explain.... He lived in Arizona, so I didn't really see him all that often, but everytime I did see him he set me on his lap and give me a two dollar bill. He loved doing that for all the kids! I remember one time he accidently gave me a $50 bill (because he was blind) but my parents made me give it back to him--I was a sad little girl! :)

Anyways, I hope that everyone is having a great semester so far! I think I'm going to go to bed now because I have to work in the morning. Have a great weekend everyone! :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Day In My Life :)

The first week of school has been really busy for me, my new schedule is definately going to take some getting use to! I was asked to write a post that will give all of you a small glimpse of my life. Every day is different for me, so this isn't an easy task! I have pretty much decided to write everything I did today, so I hope you aren't totally bored reading it! :)

7:00 AM- Wake up, shower
7:15 AM- Get ready for the day
8:15 AM- Check email, waste time on facebook, make a "to-do" list
9:00 AM- Log on to blackboard
9:15 AM- Eat breakfast, read my scriptures
10:30 AM- Go to my Stats class
11:45 AM- Speed to my institute class
12:30 PM- Eat lunch, hang out with Russell
1:30 PM- Do ambassador stuff that needs done
2:00 PM- Work on online classes
3:00 PM- Go to writing lab to print off notes for my night classes
4:00 PM- Take a little break because I was exhausted :)
4:45 PM- Eat chips and salsa and a cookie
5:10 PM- Drive the ShaNeil-Mobile to West campus
5:15 PM- Infancy & Early Childhood class starts
7:45 PM- Class ends, snack on some Aggie ice cream thanks to my pal
8:00 PM- Family Crisis and Interventions class starts
10:30 PM- Class ends, hop in the minivan and head back to my apartment
10:35 PM- Eat dinner (even though it's late) watch Everybody Loves Raymond with Russell
11:00 PM- Russell goes home, I update this blog and stuff
12:00 PM- Brush my teeth and wash my face
12:15 PM- Talk to my roommate
12:30 PM- Go to bed

I hope this is kind of what Sarah and Rebecca were after! Thursdays are my busiest day, but two or three nights a week I work at Pollies, which is pretty much the best job in the world. Let's face it, it doesn't get better than candy and ice cream! Anyways, I hope everybody has had a great first week of school. Good luck this semester! :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Holy smokes, I can't believe it's 2009! I've had an awesome Christmas break, and now I'm trying to get back into school mode. Last night was great, I ended up going to West Bountiful to spend new years with Russell and some of our friends who went to Snow last year, Joe and Jessica. We played some fun games, talked, and then watched a movie. Russell and Jessica both fell asleep, but I am proud to announce that I stayed awake for the entire movie! That's kind of a rare thing lately because I'm always so tired. :) Then as the clock struck midnight we drank some sparkling cider and watched fireworks out the window. It was a lot of fun!

Anyways, I am suppose to do a post so that you can all have a small glimse into my life. Don't worry, I didn't forget about that! I'm just waiting until school starts back up again so I can get back into the swing of things and make adjustments to my new classes. :)